3 Mudroom Storage Solutions for Mess Management

Fall is in full swing with school, sports, and messy houses! Fall weather means everyone is about to start bringing the outdoors inside. Leaves, mud, snow, salt. How can you eliminate the mess? It’s time to utilize your entryway and mudroom areas. Creating custom storage solutions can make your trips in and out of the house fast, easy, and mess free. Leave the sports gear, backpacks, and boots at the door! Whether you want a complete entryway or mudroom transformation, or just need a few pieces, Brunsell has plenty of options that are right for your family.


Cabinets and shelving are great for mudroom storage. Utilize these storage options for gloves, hats, scarves – everything you need to survive the Wisconsin winters. Don’t want to shuffle through miscellaneous winter supplies when you’re in a hurry? Place baskets on the shelves. Designate each item to a specific basket and you’ll find what you need in no time.


Tuck away your bulky fall and winter items in a closet. This is a great option for coats, snow pants, and boots. Use a half or full closet hanging bar for coats and snow pants. The remaining space can be used for shelving, or a shoe rack.


Cubbies aren’t just for school! This is a great storage solution for kids. Designate a cubby for each child. They’ll know just where to put all of their school and sports belongings and keep the clutter out of the rest of the house. This provides an easy grab and go system to manage hectic school day mornings.

Drawer/Bins and Hooks

These are great for pet supplies such as, Dog & Cat food, toys, grooming equipment and food dishes. Hooks can be used for many things as well like, pet collars and leashes, kid’s book bags, coats, hats and umbrellas.

Match Your Existing Pieces

Worried your added pieces won’t match up with your existing woodwork? Not to worry, Brunsell’s millwork quality pieces can be custom made to match your existing moulding patterns. Or create something brand new, that’s unique to you!


Using a few custom storage solutions for your entry or mudroom spaces can make a world of difference throughout the chaotic school year. Unsure how to best utilize the space you have? Contact us today to work together to create a space that will fit your lifestyle and budget.

Remodel Like a Pro

While some things are often described as having a “timeless” quality, it is more often than not that the description only holds weight for so long. Trends have a shelf life and there are few items/looks that can escape that fate. With the change being inevitable, it’s time to remodel. This can easily become an overwhelming process, especially from a financial standpoint. We’re going to go through a few ways that you can save money when you decide those trends have worn their welcome.

Putting in the Time

If you plan to have a contractor participate in portions of your remodel, take the time to see which areas you can properly prepare, such as demolition work, to eliminate that from the contractor’s tasks. Now, we stress properly because poor prep work can often lead to increased project time as the contractor may have to go back, fix your prep work and then go about it the correct way. Sometimes repairs are needed before prep work can take place. Be sure to do your research on the amount of time and costs the repairs will need as it may be cheaper to replace with new materials. Offering to help with the cleanup is never a bad move. The contractor will probably take you up on that offer as it allows them to leave that much sooner. The more pieces of the project that you can take care of yourself, the more you’ll save. You may even come away with a sense of accomplishment!

Planning Ahead

This goes hand in hand with preparation, the more you can plan ahead, the more you increase your potential to save. This not only goes for the materials you’ll want to use, but to foresee any hiccups that could come up along the way. This stage is also where you need to think about your future with the home. Will you be staying long term or is this remodel a means to increase your home’s value should you ever put it on the market. If you’re staying long term, you can style it to your liking and functionality needs. However, should you plan to sell it, it’s best to adhere to research what homeowners are looking for today and what they will likely be looking for in the future. This will still allow you to incorporate personal touches that can be easily adjust by the next owner, such as paint and small fixtures.

Hiring a Professional

Now that you have your plans finalized as much as possible, and have done the amount of proper prep work that you are comfortable with doing, it’s time to hire a contractor to take it from there. We would be more than happy to assist with the installation of doors, windows, cabinets, closets and more. We could certainly provide some ideas on custom millwork that would make an incredible addition to your rooms. We have all of the tools and experience you would want in a contractor so give us a call to talk about our services and let’s get started!

It’s Time for a Shed!

So you live in the city and therefore think having a shed is out of the ordinary. While that might be, that doesn’t mean it’s not practical or that others won’t follow in your footsteps when they see how useful and nice one can actually be.

How a Shed can help you!

There are many benefits to having a shed in your backyard. One of the most obvious of those benefits is the extra storage you’ll have now created. This doesn’t have to be dedicated to yard tools and equipment. You can store virtually anything you want in your new shed if it is able to withstand the elements. Remember, unless you build your shed airtight and temperature controlled, your items are going to be exposed to temperature changes and the humidity that comes with Wisconsin weather. That humidity is the biggest enemy of all; able to wreak havoc on your electronic items as well as any antiques you may be thinking about storing. Obviously there are things you can do to your shed to counter these two foes. Adding a dehumidifier is going to be the most important step. Next would be durable weather stripping to help keep debris and insects out as much as possible. That being said, placing insect traps or spraying around the boarder of your shed would be a good idea to prevent them from potentially feasting on your items.

Not Just for Storage

There are so many things you can do with a shed that go beyond freeing up space in other areas of the home or garage. Like “man caves”, there are “She Sheds”. While this is a simple play on words, it really shows that it can be a great little getaway from the home where you can actually find peace and quiet for a change. It’s also a place where that hobby you set aside years ago can flourish once again. What we’re saying is that you can purpose your “shed” for whatever reason you see fit. Also, it can be repurposed at any time when your needs change. Maybe make it a personal movie theater with seating for up to ten. With your own bathrooms so close and all the snacks you can handle right in your kitchen, you’ll never want to go back to the theaters again!

So let your imagination run wild with ideas for how you’ll use your new shed. When you settle on one, come down to Brunsell as we have the materials you’ll need for your project, as well as the experts who can help guide you along. So stop in and get started, what are you waiting for?

Keeping a Wood Deck Maintained

Decks provide a great outlet for those who like to be outside but still have the amenities of home just a few steps away. In order to keep this a possibility, we must perform maintenance on them from time to time. It might be planned out or it could be a sudden need caused from an accident either man-made or from Mother Nature. A little routine maintenance can go a long way in lessening potential headaches from a lack of upkeep while giving your deck the best chance at a long and sturdy life. Continue reading

Simple Changes, Magnificent Doors

interior-doors-3A lot of people never consider how much a door can change the “feeling” of a room. As the main entrance or a path to another room, a door is part of the home décor. Unfortunately, many people tend to view a door as just a utilitarian structure; it opens and closes and provides a way in our out. That’s it. Take another look at the doors in your home. Imagine the possibilities with one simple change – the trim.

Trim for the Doors

The doorway trim around the door frame is there for one big reason: it hides construction gaps between the frame of the door and the drywall. Most of the time, builders leave the casing very generic. The border around the door is just that, a border. But, you can install new doorway molding or update the trim you have now very easily. Two things to consider first: joint choice and sizing.
Continue reading

Taking Your Deck to the “Next Level”

deckThe trend in deck building or deck remodeling is to move away from functional space to entertaining areas. For years, we saw home builders and contractors as well as home owners come to Brunsell in search of decking that would expand their home. Now, we are seeing even more people looking at their backyards and wondering how they can spend more time there comfortably, extending their home for more outdoor activity in the warmer months. Here are just a few of the ways to do that with your deck! Continue reading

Remodeling Projects for Spring and Summer

We are entering the time of year where all of us will walk outside again and re-introduce ourselves to our neighbors and enjoy some of the warmth that greets us with spring. It’s also a great time to do a few household remodeling projects you might have been putting off. We can help you with a few of those projects. Continue reading

Common Door Problems

doorYou may have moved into a home that has some minor door issues that have gotten worse over the years or you may have seen issues crop up with the doors in your new home. You know what they are: door squeaks or rattles, the trim now has a gap, the hinges are loose, the wall plates appear to be misaligned, etc. Let’s talk about these common issue and how some can be fixed yourself while others will require some help from our door shop. Continue reading

Bathroom Makeover

custom vanity 3Do you walk into your bathroom everyday and think, “I hate this room, but it’s so small, what can be done?” For the most part, unless you are going to tear everything down, re-route pipes or enlarge the house, your bathroom, with the toilet next to the sink and the bathtub right across from it, is going to stay that way. BUT, that doesn’t mean you can’t remake the way a bathroom looks! Continue reading

Your Kitchen in 2017

Darren kitchen 2Our last blog talked about the home remodeling trends for the coming year and now we want to focus on kitchen cabinets, since the kitchen is one of the most remodeled rooms in homes across the country. The 2017 Kitchen Cabinet trends have to deal with color and style. Here are our 5 favorite! Continue reading