A Crocodile in the Kitchen: The Wild Side of Quartz Countertops

For a long time, Corian was the “it” countertop on the market. During those years, natural materials, like wood and quartz, remained popular but far less so. They were sent to wait in the wings for Corian to finish its fifteen minutes of fame. Well, that day has come.

Corian is still a popular surface—rightfully so, and one we proudly carry—but quartz has reclaimed the throne. Over the past year or two, it’s become the most popular option in our store. That’s not just because quartz is low maintenance. (It doesn’t stain and doesn’t need to be sealed.) It’s also because the finest manufacturers of quartz, makers like Cambria and Caesarstone, have begun to show off their wild side.

There’s long been a misconception that all quartz is highly patterned. True, it often has more swirls and churls than a tub of Rocky Road ice cream. However, many quartz countertop designs, like this one, are monotone with just a hint of speckle or flecks:Kitchens-Brunsell-Lumber

An exciting twist in quartz are some of the incredibly beautiful manmade patterns now available for backsplashes and wall treatments. These turn a lot of heads in our showroom. Caesarstone’s new Motivo collection offers patterns in everything from zebra-like stripes to antique lace to this incredible crocodile pattern:crocodile-pattern-backsplash-Brunsell-Kitchen

Last, another misconception about quartz is that it’s all earth tones, blacks and browns, whites and grays. Not true at all! You can actually get quartz countertops in nearly any color, from candy-apple red to peacock blue and everything in between.quartz-countertops

If you’re thinking about getting a new kitchen counter, stop by our showroom off the Beltline and see if quartz is calling your name, too. We know the construction looks like the seventh circle of Dante’s Inferno, but it’s actually not that hard to reach us: From Verona road, the entrance road toward Home Depot and Staples has been only slightly shifted. Just enter there, follow that frontage road that wraps around them, and you’ll find us tucked behind them where we’ve always been. No appointment is necessary, and design consultants are always here to help you if you want to do more than browse!

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