Why Custom Millwork Still Works for the Home

millworkThere’s a feeling most people get when they walk into a home and the interior is highlighted with wood; from the interior-finish to the decorative highlights, a custom wood highlighted home brings us back to a simpler time, but one of old-school elegance. Custom millwork is still a valued part of most building construction or remodeling projects and Brunsell Lumber prides itself on the custom millwork we create for our clients and have been creating for more than 70 years in Wisconsin!

The Craft of Millwork

Historically, millwork only dealt with wood; hence the direct tie with the term and the mill that fabricated the lumber used for the custom design projects. You can still see the glory of the Golden Age of millwork when walking around older cities with intact downtowns dating back to the 1880’s. All of these wood-built structures needed craftsman who could take a piece of wood and fashion it into what many people still consider an architectural work-of-art. Homes in these times were not only made of wood, their entire interiors were wood. Craftsman needed to learn the intricacies of each of the different kinds of wood and which would make for a good mantel, an elaborate staircase or an ornate entryway. This craft has been honed for more than 120 years now in the United States and has grown as we aren’t just using wood for custom millwork, we have added synthetic elements that allow our millworkers to take a custom idea that might seem impossible and craft it into a unique part of your home.custom-millwork

The Utility of Millwork

Millwork is also responsible for ensuring the basics of a home remain standard. Doors, moldings, trims, balustrades, baseboards, and paneling all require millwork. Our millworkers aren’t just creating art every day. They also make sure your home styled with wood contains the subtle elements that might go unnoticed by most. This is sometimes forgotten we discuss “custom” millwork for a new construction or even remodeling projects.

Before you begin any project, whether it’s custom cabinets or a new fireplace mantel or an ornate staircase, come and talk with us about your ideas. See what our custom millwork department can do for you and turn your idea into something bigger!

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