Stairs Can Be Memorable

Custom-stairs-staircase-madison-wiIt’s weird; normally we think of stairs as nothing more than a nuisance. They pose as an obstacle when we have an armful of groceries or have another trip to make with billowing baskets of laundry. The truth is there are far more ups than downs when traversing the stairs. Let’s take some steps towards a different view. Pun intended!

Stairs Are More than Structure

You might be thinking the obvious upside to stairs is the look. They’re easy on the eyes and can change the feel of a room or structure, but man, who really wants to actually have to go up and down the stairs all the time!?! Aesthetics only begin to scratch the surface. Let’s jump to the opposite end of the spectrum.

Stairs for Memories

Grandma comes over and has to make it up to the second floor to take part in the birthday party. She can still do stairs but only with help. There it is, the opportunity to hold the hand of the beautiful woman you’ve know for so many years. You act as her crutch, keeping her close and whispering how beautiful her outfit is. Before you know it you’re already on the second floor!

How about the first time your baby learns how to do stairs? The wonderful memories of them conquering such a mountain accompanied by you with every step. Fast forward, your daughter is going to the big dance and reveals her beautiful dress for the first time as she gently descends to down the stairs. Or how about all the times you paused for a moment, with a son or a daughter, a friend or a loved one, side by side on the steps. Sometimes you had serious things to talk about, others you just leaned into them and shared a laugh.

Stairs really do connect us to different levels and, while nice to look at, they are center stage for lots of wonderful memories. Take a look at all the custom stair work we can do and get a hold of us when you’re ready to take things to another level.