All Decked Out

You might have that pair of jeans you just can’t part with. You know, the ones that are a bit beat up but they’re just so comfortable. There is just too much life left in them it’s hard to justify throwing them away. With a little thread and needle work you may be able to get some more use out of them.

DeckThe same could be true about your deck. It has some rough spots but the structure is still solid. The layout has been perfect for all the memories you’ve made so far, why not make many more? If you replace the rotted boards and apply a fresh coat of stain, you’ll be able to get a lot more mileage out of your deck.

Another way you can drastically change the overall look of your deck, without building a new one, is to update the railings. There are so many different style railings to choose from and they will give your deck a fresh look. We can walk you through all the different options so you get the right ones to match up with your house. If you’re interested in a totally unique look, take advantage of our custom millwork.

Even if you have a bouncy deck, or wobbly posts there are ways to give them added strength. If there are more years left in your deck we will help you get the most out of them safely with a much needed facelift!