Dreaming of Deck Season

Deck1-Man-HappyHour-No-TalentA small breeze floats through the leaves, tiny wings propel the neighboring birds to and from the feeders, and off in the distance the sun is tucking itself in for the night. The fresh smells of summer surround you as you lean back, and soak it in. There’s nothing quite like relaxing on the deck. At this point in the winter you may have started dreaming about some quality time outside. Whether or not you have a deck that just needs a few repairs, or you’re looking to build one this summer, Brunsell is here to help.

A deck is such a great way to add some additional, outdoor, space to your home. They are very versatile spaces as well so it’s best to determine what you want to use your deck for.


  • Extension of your home
  • Outdoor Kitchen
  • Parties, social gatherings
  • Hot tub/ pool surround

This is a step that seems obvious but is often times overlooked. Once you know what you want to use your space for you’ll be able to determine location and size.

There’s nothing like spending some time with your favorite book, playing cards at dusk, or just sipping on some coffee while enjoying the fresh summer air. Brunsell can help you turn your deck dreaming into deck lounging! Can you hear the birds chirping? We can!