Your Fireplace Mantel for Christmas

Mantels_Decorations_ChristmasIt’s the time of year where we are decorating, cooking, planning, and celebrating. Fireplaces are gathering places as the temperatures drop and become the focal point of living rooms. But, sometimes forgotten is the fireplace mantel and how much it can change the look of a room with just a little decoration for Christmas. Here are some ideas for sprucing up your mantel!


An easy decoration is placing wreaths over the mantel rather than on the outside door (or you could do both!) Whether real wreaths using branches you have gathered and made after getting your tree or fake, store-bought wreaths, they will add to the decorated room and to the Christmas tree that might be nearby.

Mantels_Decorations_ChristmasDIY Advent Calendar

This is a clever idea we spotted on Pinterest and is super easy to make. It involves string, paper and little candies. You can make the 25 day countdown folding red pieces of paper and placing a candy inside. Write the numbers outside and hang via the mantel over the fireplace. Every day, take a piece of paper down, take your candy and countdown to the 25th!

Mantels_Decorations_ChristmasExtra Ornaments

You might have extra vases or little baskets around the house. Grab them and put any extra ornaments you didn’t put onto the tree into them and place them on top of the mantel. Mix and match based on your style!

Mantels_Decorations_ChristmasHanging Ornaments

If you don’t hang your stockings by the fire with care or even if you do, you could hang extra ornaments from the mantel with them. Using tape or little hooks should work and take some of the extra cut off the tree and spruce up the area on the mantel to add “flare”.

Mantels_Decorations_ChristmasBooks Wrapped as Presents

This was an interesting idea using books you have around the house. Wrap them as presents and set them on the mantel to help with a festive look! You could even trick some family members and actually buy them books as presents and leave them there the whole time until Christmas!

Don’t forget the fireplace mantel this year for Christmas. And, remember, we can work with you to make your mantel look even better next year!