Airplane Mode Around the Fireplace

Custom-Fireplace-MantelWe often find ourselves staring into our phones and TVs. Sure it’s relaxing to unwind sometimes, but too much time fixed on our electronics tends to detract from our well being. There is really only one other thing that can keep us still and relaxed for an extended amount of time; a fire. There is just something magical about it, we sit there, mesmerized by the dancing flames.

The great thing about a fire, especially this time of year, is the warmth it can bring not only to our home but our soul. Deep conversations, cuddling, cards, and laughter are just a few of the things that tend to take place when were nestled around this roaring centerpiece. Within the chaos of the flame lies a great peace, one that cannot be emulated by a thousand movies or YouTube videos. At Brunsell we know how important a fireplace is and have unlimited mantel designs to add just the right touch.

We can build a custom mantel of any size, style and wood species at a very competitive price. Our designs are unlimited, Fireplace-mantelwherever the inspiration comes from, architectural, photographs, magazine pictures. There is no reason to by a template fireplace mantel as the focal point or your room when you can get a custom one from Brunsell.

So the next time you are growing cold staring into your smart phone or TV, go light a fire, grab your coziest blanket, and warm up. Make the most of your time together indoors this winter and start dreaming of the mantel that will draw you back in for the best kind of relaxation around.