Firewood Rack

Firewood RackRight now you’re probably not thinking about throwing another log in the fireplace to heat up your home. The days are still hot and clouds of mosquitoes continue to circle. Now is actually the perfect time to start planning for winter though. Storing firewood properly can make it very accessible and dry.

Get rid of the water and watch the flames dance. Less moisture will provide the best heat with fewer emissions. Firewood that has been cut, split and stacked in the early spring and left to stand in the sun and wind all summer is perfect fuel for a cozy fire. When it comes to stacking, a single row is ideal for air flow, allowing the moisture to dissipate more rapidly. Once seasoned make sure a tarp, or something similar, covers the stack.

There are plenty of design plans online for firewood storage racks. This will allow you to adjust for size depending on how much firewood you’re planning to have. You could even check out ideas we might have in our custom millwork department. A good rack will keep firewood off the ground and limit the number of pests that are looking for a home. When you’re searching for a place to put your firewood rack it’s best to keep it a fair distance from your home to deter wandering critters and pests.

Keeping a solid supply of dry firewood handy can help lower your energy bills. Besides, when’s the last time you used your fireplace? It’s one of those things you can do to relax and slow down. Grab a book to read, a stack of cards or just snuggle up with your family.

Take some time and look around the internet for a design you like. If you’re not having any luck there or find one you do like but need help piecing it together we can help. Once your firewood is stacked and easy to access, you’ll be having hot chocolate and telling stories around the hearth while the winter wind whistles.