Home Improvement in 2017

Custom WoodworkAs we wrap up 2016, the trend analysts are already looking at what changes homeowners are considering for 2017. The Leading Indicator of Remodeling Activity (LIRA) predicts continued growth in home renovation and repair spending for 2017 before tapering off near the end of the year. While popular trends are looked at based on what majorities of people are buying and changing in their homes, we here at Brunsell know that our clients have their own styles and desires and some even buck the trends. Despite that, here’s what analysts say 2017 will look like for home improvement.

Bye-Bye Bathroom Tubs

This trend actually took off in mid-2016 and will continue to grow in 2017, according to analysis of what remodeling contractors around the country are doing. Many saw bathroom improvements where tubs disappeared and larger, luxury showers took their place. You have possibly noticed the trend in hotels; all glass walled showers taking the entire side of a bathroom with a rain-shower head and water jets coming from the walls.

Fireplaces Make a Comeback

This one is somewhat interesting as most homes around here do tend to have fireplaces, but around the country, renovators are seeing additional fireplaces getting built. Many of these in master bedrooms or living room additions. With a fireplace comes a mantel. If you are looking at this trend, be sure to let us help you make a mantel everyone will love!

The Kitchen: Most Remodeled Room in the House

If you are like many people moving into a home you didn’t build yourself, you tend to see the kitchen as the first room to get remodeled. Each master chef is different! Trends for the kitchen include hidden appliances, no oak cabinets but painted and quartz countertops rather than granite. Another interesting trend seen is mixed hardware finishes. Rather than all appliances the same color, some are choosing to go with complimentary colors.

Are you planning a home improvement project for 2017? Don’t forget to come into Brunsell Lumber and Millwork and talk with one of our specialists! We can help turn your ideas into realities!