Cooking Pancakes on the Kitchen Island

Kitchen_Island_CabinetryYou may not even be aware but an island vacation is going on every day, right at your house. Yes we’re talking about your kitchen island. Like most things that seem routine, a lot is actually hiding beneath the surface. During the week there’s usually a stack of homework papers next to the car keys and whatever needs to be cooked for dinner. On the weekend the littlest one has used their stool to ascend to top of the island where the pancake mix needs stirring.

The Kitchen Island

You see, it’s much more than just a flat surface in the middle of the room. It’s the centerpiece for laughter and love. Strange isn’t it how everyone ends up gathered around the kitchen island for conversation and of course to grab another scoop from the crock pot? Maybe you don’t have the kitchen layout you’ve always wished for, or maybe there are just a couple things you would change what you have now.

Custom Cabinetry

At Brunsell we can create custom cabinetry for your kitchen. There is nothing cookie cutter about it. You’ll be able to choose from a wide selection of designs and prices. We guarantee the design will perfectly fit your needs. We also carry a great selection of name brand cabinet lines.

Stop in and see take a walk through our cabinet showroom. We’ll help you create a kitchen that sets the stage for some of life’s greatest moments at home.