Planning for Your Dream Deck

Decks are everywhere these days. You see them now on the backs of offices, duplexes, and even mobile homes. But let’s be honest. Most of what you see are just hard, level surfaces to have underfoot and over a portion of the yard. They can in some instances appear a bit cookie-cutter, and simply not given the same design attention that home interiors are given.

Decks should be functional, but there’s a big difference between being handy and being tailored to specific purposes and the lay of the land. Decks should also be aesthetically harmonious with yard and home, extending the beauty of the interior into the outdoors. Done right, they are not merely outdoor flooring. That said, the best place to start when planning your dream deck is with what you want the deck to functionally be, such as:

  • An extension of your home

  • An outdoor kitchen

  • A place for social gatherings

  • A surround for hot tub or pool

  • Some combination of the above

In large part, this functional intent will dictate the height and size of the deck, as will your existing landscape. Function over form, as they say. The point is, that should not start on the aesthetics of a deck until you have pinned down its purpose.

Now, as we’ve just said, beautiful form is the secret ingredient that’s missing from so many decks out there. The next thing you will want to do is consult with a deck designer and visit a showroom. In our showroom, we provide brochures to spark your imagination, as well as displays and samples that allow you to see, feel and test these quality products.

decking Brunsell Lumber

We suggest that before you visit a showroom or designer, you take some photographs of your home’s exterior and landscape, even sketch out a lay of your land. A deck designer can look at your photographs and site information, take into account the functionality you want, and help you zero in on a dream deck that’s both feasible and exciting. Critical to that process is choosing best-fit decking materials for your design, which the designer will help you do.

Unfortunately, many people over the years have been under the impression that decks are made from one variety of lumber and have planks traveling only in straight lines. In actuality, as you can see above, that’s not the case. You can blend species, stains, and even wood and composite/PVC.  You can also incorporate curves, just as Mother Nature does. The effect is art, something that blends nicely with the outdoors, not harshly jutting into or over the landscape.

If you’re dreaming of a deck as you wait for the snow banks to melt, we invite you to visit our Madison showroom. It has an exterior deck with different brands of decking on it, so you can see how the materials perform in real life and real conditions over long periods of time.  When it comes to planning your deck, we will help you with that too.  Contact one of our deck designers. The sooner you begin to plan, the better: Come spring, you won’t be the only one coming out of hibernation to get exterior home projects underway!

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