Replacing Your Kitchen Cabinets

Do you walk into your kitchen and look around and let out a loud sigh? Are you thinking, this just doesn’t work for us, and it’s time to do something about it! We understand that feeling and want to offer you a way to make some changes to the kitchen starting with what is probably the biggest part of your kitchen, the cabinets. Any kitchen remodel should start here and Brunsell Lumber and Millwork can help with custom designs or with one of our many quality cabinet lines. We can also help with quick fixes such as just replacing your kitchen cabinet doors and the hardware.

Replacing Kitchen Cabinets

Replacing your kitchen cabinets involves a lot of decisions starting with the styles. We offer 4 different lines of cabinets: Merillat, Starmark and Ultracraft and our custom millshop. Are you looking for traditional or contemporary, ornate or shabby/chic? The cabinets are what most people focus on right when they walk into the kitchen. The next step will be choosing the hardware.

We think that a lot of people tend to disregard the hardware. Who cares what the handles and hinges look like, right? Wrong. The hardware pays a huge part in the “feel” of the room. The difference between concealed and full inset hinges can mean the difference between a clean/contemporary look or the traditional look. The knobs, latches, finger pulls or handles add features to the room that can be the difference between “ohhhs” and “ewwws” from guests. Brunsell designers will sit with you and help you make these tough decisions so you aren’t overwhelmed.

When considering a Kitchen Remodel, the biggest cost is the cabinetry and countertops. There are a lot of people who think just replacing doors is the best idea but don’t realize their cabinets might not support the weight of a new countertop! This is why we suggest full cabinet replacements. While replacing doors and hardware can save some cost, you should consider a full kitchen remodel. In our next few blogs, we will talk about custom cabinetry and installation, replacing your countertops and completely rethinking your entire kitchen!

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