Stealing a Kiss at the Entry Door

Brunsell Lumber - Custom DoorsIt’s the door that leads to the comforts of home, where you greet guests, where you shared a kiss under the porch light before an abrupt interruption by a protective father. An entry door is a major factor in your home’s curb appeal. A replacement entry door can turn things from basic to opulent. It’s one of those home improvements with a great return on investment.

Just make sure you get one that’s right for you. Exterior doors are available in a wide array of designs. Different tastes and budgets can be satisfied ranging from traditional steel to ornate, hand-carved wood.


If your home is best suited for a more handcrafted touch, wood is the best. Wood doors need to be repainted or refinished every few years to prevent splitting and warping but they look amazing!


Steel is the most affordable option and performs well in most climates. They require little maintenance and offer a great deal of strength and durability, especially if you’ve got a big family always coming and going.


Fiberglass doors come in a wide array of styles with or without glass inserts. Many of them look like real wood at all budget levels. Fiberglass is made to take on any kind of weather with very little maintenance.

There are a lot of different configurations as well. Single door, double door or add sidelights to create the illusion of a lager entry. Don’t forget about glass panel options either. There are options with impact-resistant glass, or low-E glass to improve energy efficiency and provide UV protection. If you’re looking for more privacy you can get textured glass or blinds between the glass.

As the colder weather approaches now is a great time to replace your entry door with something more solid and energy efficient.