The Front Door Makeover: A Face Lift (and Energy Saver) for Your Home

Like just about every other component of a home, exterior doors don’t last forever.  Before this dreadfully cold winter comes to an end—eventually, it will—we suggest you take some time to see how your exterior doors are holding up. Extreme weather conditions are an ideal time to test door performance:

Exterior Doors Brunsell Madison

  • If you put a hand on your door from inside, is it cold to the touch? If your door is cold to the touch in the winter or hot to the touch in the summer, it probably doesn’t have adequate insulation. Older doors are not nearly as energy efficient as newer models, and the impact on your utility bill may be nothing to sneeze at.
  • Can you feel a draft blowing in around the weather stripping or see light coming in through the perimeter? If light is coming in, then outside air is probably entering, too, and sometimes moisture comes along with it. Your weather-stripping may be cracked, compressed, or otherwise wearing out.
  • Is the paint on wood doors cracking, or do you see rust spots on metal doors? Warping and rotting come with the territory of having an older wooden door. A steel door can get dinged over time, and ding-marks are an invitation to rust.

These are all good reasons to consider updating your exterior doors, but they’re also an excuse to do something you’ve maybe wanted to do for a while: beautify the entryway to your home. A home’s front door makes your home’s first impression and can dramatically affect its look. It’s also consistently noted in realty research as an important feature in home saleability. Research conducted by the National Realtors Association even found that certain entryway door replacements can earn homeowner’s a profitable ROI—as much as 130 percent—at the time of sale.

Still, it’s not all about utility bills and investments. It’s also about making your home look its best. One challenge many homeowners face is finding an entryway door that truly fits their home, both in style and in size. The answer then is customization. A new door can be modified to fit your existing opening.  And hinges and hardware can be custom machined to your liking. We provide all of these services as well as a beautiful selection of high-quality doors.

So, how’s your front door holding up? Check it today, with your hands, eyes, and utility bills. Then ask yourself the next time you’re driving up to your home: Do I love the way that door looks? How could my home look better if the door were different? Is it time for a change?

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