Time for Replacement Windows

Replacement_WindowsMaybe some of the summer heat got in and reminded you about your windows. Maybe you are thinking about winter and staring at your windows wondering if you can last another cold snap. Maybe you think you should get replacement windows but aren’t sure. Years of use can certainly cause your windows to “wear out” and while some might say they are reparable, here’s when you should look into replacement windows.

The Windows are Drafty

This is an easy one to recognize but it bears repeating. First off, all windows will allow a small amount of air to get into the home. But, you shouldn’t be able to feel it. If you do, there’s an issue with the windows; they are wearing out and starting to let the outside air in. Wood warps with moisture. The corners of the frames become loose and gaps forms. While you might think weather stripping is the immediate answer, remember, that’s just a temporary fix.

Condensation Inside the Windows

This is a particularly easy thing to notice but is a sure sign it’s time to replace when you see it in double or triple pane windows. You might be able to just replace the glass, but that’s dependent on many factors. Condensation means there is a seal failure. Another thing to look for is white film on the inside pane. If you see it but no condensation, that means it has evaporated. That white film is calcium deposit.

Struggling to Open or Close Your Windows

You will find older double hung or single become harder to open and close with age. It’s a balance issue. This can also happen with wood and metal windows. Not being able to open or close your windows is really one of the biggest signs it’s time to move on.

Lastly, take a look at your energy bills. Compare them from year to year. Do you see an increase and it’s not because monthly charges went up? If so, check for drafts and condensation.

We carry numerous brands of replacement windows here at Brunsell. We also can install them. Come and speak with a team member!