Upgrade Your Deck with a Railing Makeover

Dreaming of getting a different deck? If your current deck plans have life yet in them, you may want to instead consider a railing makeover: changing the posts, hand railing, and panels or balusters. A revitalized railing can do wonders in changing the overall look of a deck.

A deck railing is largely what defines the deck’s style. It’s also a place where you can play around with details to get a unique look that suits you. New caps for posts, for example, come in a wide variety of styles, from arts-and-crafts stained glass to Victorian ball-style caps. Some provide solar-powered lighting. Some are very low-profile. Adding caps or changing the ones you already have is a great start to a railing update.

Decks-Brunsell-Madison Decks-Brunsell-Madison

Deck railing need not match your deck. It should just complement it—in material, style, and color scheme. By using contrasting species, stains, or paint for your deck railing or within it, you can dramatically change the overall look of the deck.

Another great way to update your railing is to add a ledge or change the one you already have. A ledge provides more than just visual interest. It’s utilitarian, too: a convenient place to set down drinks, some potential real estate for built-in planters or, if it’s wide enough and has a lip on it, a unique bar rail.

Composite deck railing can be used to create many of the same designs that you can create with wood railing but not all. After all, wood is truly an artist’s medium. In the hands of a skilled millworker, a simple piece of wood can be formed to look like almost anything—nearly any size or shape you could want.

If you are ready for a change to your deck, we offer Madison’s finest custom millwork and have excellent deck designers on staff. We are here to help you find ways to fall in love with your deck again, and updating your railing is just one of those ways!

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