Windows for the Win!

windowThe sun begins to peek over the horizon revealing the steam rolling from your coffee cup. Looking out your window you relish the spring sunrise in all its beauty. The recent piece of obscure artwork, completed by your youngest, hangs quietly, soaking up the morning light. Your plants wait in a line on the window sill drinking in the sunshine. Alluring windows do more than just bring the outdoors in; they bring life to your home!

Take a step back and look at your windows, what do you see? At first you might notice they’re in need of good cleaning. If you’ve got older windows it’s possible they need more than that. So how can you really tell if it’s time?


You know your windows are getting old when they begin to shrink, break or not close properly. It will seem like your utility bill is out of control but it’s just all the air coming and going.

Difficulty opening and closing.

If it’s really hard to open and close your windows it may be time for a replacement. Tracks become worn with age and limit movement.

Windows won’t stay open.

On the flipside, if your windows are impossible to keep open and you have to prop them they can pose a real hazard.

Condensation forms on the inside.

This is usually one of the top signs you need a new window. When condensation or ice starts forming inside your window even when it’s shut and locked.

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