Your Kitchen in 2017

Darren kitchen 2Our last blog talked about the home remodeling trends for the coming year and now we want to focus on kitchen cabinets, since the kitchen is one of the most remodeled rooms in homes across the country. The 2017 Kitchen Cabinet trends have to deal with color and style. Here are our 5 favorite!

From White to Gray in the Kitchen

The last few years, we saw the trend in white cabinets grow and hit its peak in 2016. White made for some very clean looking kitchens but now the color is getting a little darker and moving towards gray. There’s no clear answer as to why gray would push white off the top spot, but folks are purchasing more shades of gray than white and custom cabinets might be the way for you to go!

Color the Kitchen Sink

White and stainless steel: this is pretty much it for kitchen sinks. At least, it was. Kitchen sinks are moving towards more color, somewhat like bathroom sinks used to be. Maybe someone really wants a lime-green kitchen sink…let them! There’s nothing wrong with making your kitchen the place with the most vibrant colors. We spend a lot of time here…make that kitchen sink stand out!

Kitchen Lighting

Often forgotten or left to the standards, 2017 is showing that lighting in the kitchen is getting larger. The bolder the fixture, the better. Forget about just recessed lighting in the ceiling or chandeliers. Make a statement with your light fixture. Make it the center of attention. Make the kitchen lights something to talk about and be sure there is enough light to highlight the colorful sink and fantastic gray cabinets!

The Colors of Quartz

Quartz is pushing granite out for countertops and the colors coming out for quarts are magnificent. Quartz countertops, nonporous and resistant to heat can highlight the other kitchen colors perfectly. Come and see what our vendors are offering.

Mixing Contemporary with Traditional

There are more open kitchen designs appearing and this might mean a mixing of style. That’s perfectly fine! A traditional living room or dining room mixed with your contemporary kitchen can be easily attained with a single flooring plan. You are looking at using both style to complement, not clash.

Are you thinking about remodeling the kitchen next year? Visit our showroom and talk to one of our specialists and we will get you moving towards the kitchen you have always wanted!