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Wisconsin Truss Manufacturers Association suggests you sit down with a cup of coffee, spending a few minutes reviewing each new project. Listed below are some of the important details to look for. By checking these details, you will find you can save time and money and avoid delays!


PLANS Check them over. Look for dimensions that don’t add up. Are any dimensions missing? If your foundation doesn’t match the floor plan, now is the time to find out. Do you have all the information your truss manufacturer needs?

CHANGES IN PLANS Send your final plans to the truss manufacturer. Sometimes, you have last minute changes. We need finals plans for both layout and engineering. If changes do take place, let us know right away. Keep in mind, the only information we get comes from you.


SEALED ENGINEERING Check local, county, and state requirements. Let us know if a seal is required. Obtaining a seal later adds extra expense and unnecessary delays to the project.


REVIEW TIME The more time you give us, the easier it is to meet your delivery schedule. We need time to review your plan – submit a layout – check your changes – check engineering – schedule manufacturing – and schedule delivery times.


CHANGING SCHEDULED DELIVERY DATE Once your plans are approved, you are placed in the manufacturing schedule. Any changes after that are a bit like stepping out of line. Getting back inline, or getting rescheduled, can be difficult. The complexity of your changes will determine your new delivery date.


JOB SITE We need the exact location of the job site. This includes the lot site! If it isn’t marked, please mark it somehow so that driver knows exactly where to deliver the trusses.


DELIVERY SPACE A big semi-trailer truck brings your trusses. Make sure you have room for the truck to get in. Also be sure you have room set aside for the trusses the day of delivery


STORAGE AREA Plan ahead. Try to store trusses on a dry, flat surface. Remember, when you go home at night, trusses become a “playground” for local children. If trusses are not lying flat, be sure they are properly braced and secured before leaving. You don’t want to be responsible for someone getting hurt.