components2Brunsell’s single point-of-purchase component system benefits both builders and homeowners alike. Builders can use our system to better manage their custom home business by controlling costs—with guaranteed pricing, quicker payment schedules, reduced overhead, and smoother production flow.

Additional builder benefits include:

  • Shortened construction schedule,
  • Removal of environmental factors from construction,
  • Ability to keep a cleaner site,
  • Reduction of waste and dumpster costs, and
  • Virtual elimination of job site theft.

Homeowners benefit through the possibility of spending less money on construction financing; experiencing a positive move-in date; having a drier and cleaner home during rough in; and gaining peace of mind knowing their home is a closely checked engineered structure. Read on to learn more about the benefits of the Brunsell Building System.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERABenefits of Managing Time
Benefits of Managing Labor
Benefits of Managing Material Cost and Waste
Benefits of Managing Schedules
Benefits of Managing Structural Quality
Benefits of Managing Costs, Cash Flow and Profit

Benefits of Managing Time

  • Faster rough in reduces weather exposure
  • Helps keep subs on schedule
  • Provides the opportunity to increase the number of sales
  • Provides the opportunity for faster payment draws and on-time move-in dates

In addition, builders can expand their business and spend more time with family or hobbies. Time is money. Time is also opportunity. Boost your productivity and dominate the bottom line, incorporating our building system into your construction plans.

Benefits of Managing Labor

  • Computer engineered and factory built system; no need to start from scratch
  • Floors, walls, and trusses reduce field labor hours
  • Eliminates on-the-job questions
  • Eliminates build-design problems
  • Have less need for expert craftsmen and crew
  • Takes the difficulty out of construction
  • Less intense carpentry labor is required
  • No material shortage delay because complete job is shipped in one package
  • Project is engineered prior to production
  • Takes the questions out of field production
  • Reduces training costs
  • Labor costs and bids are more accurate—components take the guesswork out of labor costs
  • Eliminates expediter, as carpenter supervisor can inspect final rough-in and use time to work with subs to keep job on schedule and within budget
  • Eliminates daily cleaning, snow removal, and sorting of materials
  • Build more projects with less field-carpentry labor and less expediter time.
  • Reduces the amount of other employee time(i.e., provides even flow of production)
  • On-time draws, on-time subs, on-time move-in, on-time closing
  • Accurate costs = accurate profits

Benefits of Managing Material Cost and Waste

  • Factory-production environment takes weather-exposure problem out of construction
  • Weather can cause problems with any material. Snow, cold, rain, sun, and humidity all have adverse effects on supplies (i.e., twisted studs, swelling OSB, etc.), forcing builders to use extra materials
  • Pre-engineered construction takes the guesswork out of construction and eliminates mistakes, which can add extra material to the project
  • Eliminates over engineering by designers, carpenters, and expediters (e.g., two 9-1/2 MicroLams work well, but builder uses two 11-7/8 ones for good measure)
  • No unexpected costs
  • Code compliant, up-to-date information
  • Upfront engineering and plant production eliminates waste at rough-in
  • Factory production can use short stock in other applications (i.e., trusses on upcoming projects)
  • No job pilferage
  • No dumpster needed at rough-in

For environmentally conscious consumers and business owners, less waste saves you money plus contributes to a cleaner and safer job site.

Benefits of Managing Schedules

  • On-time rough-in enclosure ensures your job is completed while others may not be
  • Subcontractors can accurately assign time for your job
  • No delays = on-time closings

Benefits of Managing Structural Quality

  • All floors and walls are not created equal. Field-construction quality may vary extremely from one crew to another. The Brunsell Building System does away with this concern.
  • Computer-aided construction and plant-framed components assure precision and eliminate human error, resulting in consistent high-quality framing.

Benefits of Managing Costs, Cash Flow and Profit

  • Accurate component, framing-material, and carpentry costs assure you accurate budgeted costs
  • Quality faster rough-in allows quicker draws
  • On-time schedules allow on-time closings
  • Managed costs means less additional charges to homeowners as well as increased on-time payments
  • Ensures solid pricing and solid managed profit
  • No unexpected costs

For more information or answers to questions regarding Brunsell Building System benefits, simply call us at (608) 437-7183.

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