Brunsell Lumber Door Shop

DoorServices1Brunsell does more than just sell doors.  We also offer full service Door Shop, where modifications to your doors can be made.  One of the Brunsell Door Shop’s more popular services is customizing a new door slab from Brunsell to fit into your existing door frame.  This allows you to replace a door easily without disturbing the existing door frame and trim.  We can take your new door and cut it in width or height, machine the door for your existing hinge pattern, and stain it to match existing woodwork.  This is just another example of the added value you receive when you shop with Brunsell.

A Full Range of Door Services

  • Interior door and frame materials and machining
  • Custom sizing of doors
  • Custom machining for hardware
  • Three-point lock machining and installation
  • Machining for historical restoration or replication
  • Special machining: Mortise lock and other
  • Machining for replacement doors – custom matching
  • Pre-hung exterior and interior doors – homes, apartment, commercial
  • Pre-finishing in standard colors, as well as custom colors