Deck Design

Get the outside story.

Deck1-PA-deck-at-dusk-with-lightsA well-designed deck brings added beauty and functionality to any home, allowing the impression of quality and style you’ve created inside to extend outdoors. The deck experts at Brunsell Lumber & Millwork are here to assist you with your outdoor dreams. Our Deck Design Services are designed to take you step-by-step, from planning through completion of your beautiful new deck.

Simple steps to take before you stop by:

1. Determine exactly why you want to build your deck …

  • Deck1-Leesburg-aerial-of-fire-pitExtension of your home
  • Outdoor kitchen
  • Parties, social gatherings
  • Hot tub / Pool surround

2. Determine location and size …

  • Decide how high off the ground it will be
  • Locate obstructions such as trees, AC units, windows, ponds
  • Stake out the shape and size to visualize how it will look

3. Always remember to make the necessary calls …

  • Deck1-TREX-YING-YANG Before you dig: Diggers Hotline1-800-242-8511
  • Before you build:
    Your local building inspector

Our deck experts will consider your site information, and along with your choice of materials, produce a plan and material estimate.

Need help choosing decking material?  Today, there are more options that ever.  Let one of our deck experts explain the different options, or get started on our Decking Products page.