Need New Windows? You Don’t Have to Wait for Spring

Are you waiting for the cold weather to pass before you replace your home’s windows? Many people believe that the job can’t be done during the winter. In reality, windows can be installed any time of the year. You don’t have to wait.


Installing windows when it’s frigid or snowy outside does require extra care and caution, but sometimes it’s not practical or possible to hold your breath until the cold passes. Keep in mind that professional installers know how to reduce heat loss in your home while they’re doing their work. They’re aware they need to be extra conscientious about keeping the area where they’re working warm and dry—it can be done!—because the caulking may not set as well otherwise. And they’ll be on the offense against any moisture, which can cause the windows to not set as tight as they should. To put it simply, a professional installer knows the curveballs and how to hit them.

Remember, you won’t have all your windows removed at once when you get them done. They will be replaced one at a time, each one taking about a half hour to install. Some buyers let their imaginations get the best of them, picturing whole rooms without windows, snow or sleet blowing through the curtains and onto the wood floor while the installers scramble to get their work done. That is truly not how the process goes down!

It’s true that window installation in the warmer months does require less work and caution, but that fact is by no means an argument against replacing them now (or any other time you want). Actually, one argument for getting them done “off season” is that you won’t be competing with crowds of other buyers trying to do the same thing. Read: the window installers will be extremely busy when spring arrives. They always are. If you’re planning to get new windows when things warm up, now is the time to call for a consultation!