Searching for Replacement Windows

Most people think the most important thing to look for when searching for replacement windows is how much can the energy bill be lowered. While this is very important, it should never be the most important reason. It could take years to actually recoup all the money spent on your replacement windows via your energy savings. Here’s what we believe you should be considering WITH the savings when looking for replacement windows.

Replacement_WindowsCheck the Window Frames

If the existing frames are still solid and are not where cold or hot air is coming in or escaping, you can hit the partial replacement windows, also called “pocket replacements.” These windows will fit into the existing frames easily and we offer a huge variety from six different manufacturers including Anderson Windows. If you see a warped frame or other issues with the window sill, full-replacement windows with a new frame, sill, jamb and flange are going to be needed. We can walk you through this entire process and offer installation options if you don’t want to do this yourself.

The Window Materials

Wood and Vinyl frames are the most common to choose from but you can still find new fiberglass frames out there although there aren’t a lot of brands out there making these kinds of frames. We do carry Marvin Windows and they do have a fiberglass frame.

There aren’t a lot of difference in terms of performance and price. The frames are more about the style that matches your home.

Features on Replacement Windows

  • Cladding: Protecting your windows from the elements means that even your wood-frame windows need to be covered in vinyl, fiberglass or aluminum. Wood-framed windows tend to be more expensive but are usually considered “more attractive.”
  • Low-E Coating: The coating improves efficiency when it comes to reflecting heat. Where we live, the coating will be applied to the inside of the glass in order to keep the heat in.
  • Glazing: This is where you hear the term double-glazed or triple-glazed. The space between double-glazed windows is filled with air or gas. Triple-glazing is a third layer to cut noise.
  • Tilt-In: this is about ease of cleaning. Most brands, single or double-hung, offer this feature.

We are getting close to the cold season. Consider making the change now and enjoy a warmer home this winter with replacement windows from Brunsell Lumber.