Organizing the Closet

Closet_organizationThe closet: the bane of most people’s rooms.

It’s the part of the room that holds the most “treasures” but is never organized, even when you spend a weekend putting it together. By Tuesday of the next week, it’s a mess again.

It’s the part of the room that just doesn’t seem to have enough space!

Closets are something we all need and use and something we just can’t seem to keep in order. There’s either not enough space or just no way to keep all the clothes organized to make it easy to find what you need when you need it. You’re not alone in your angst. But, there are ways to make your life easier when it comes to the little clothing retailer that is your closet. We can help design a closet system for you that will have you wanting to spend more time in your closet rather than shutting the doors and running away! Continue reading

Closet Remodels: Think Like a New Yorker

In New York City, where a family condo can easily garner a $1.5 million price tag, flat square-footage measurements aren’t always the final word on livable space. Some buyers here would rather know a home’s cubic square footage. Where elbow room is at a premium—and, boy, is it ever—they simply can’t afford to waste vertical space. So, they think outside the box. You might even say they’ve mastered the art of using the whole box: Continue reading