Bright, White, and Out of Sight: The Latest Trends in Kitchen and Bath Design

Photo credit: Andrea Rugg, for Building Design & Construction
Photo credit: Andrea Rugg, for Building Design & Construction

It’s been three months since the National Kitchen & Bath Association (NKBA) issued its annual Kitchen & Bath Design trends report. Based on trend predictions from member-designers who answer a survey, the thing is practically a crystal ball most of the time.

We think it’s nice to see if a trend grows real legs, has staying power, gains traction, sticks—whatever you want to call it—before shining a spotlight on it. (Otherwise, everyone runs out and impulsively spends a quarter of their annual income on dusty-rose bath fixtures and avocado-green kitchen appliances, only to spend the next 40 years wondering what the heck they were thinking.)

With a third of 2015 behind us, it’s now safe to say that the 400+ designers who participated in the survey really called it this time. Their overarching prediction of an emphasis on Transitional design, closely followed by Contemporary design, has been bang-on. The specifics are, too. So, we’re shining a light on them. Here were their top predictions for design trends:

  1. Clean, contemporary designs with a fusion of styles and multiple colors in one kitchen
  2. European-styled cabinets
  3. Multiples of appliances in one kitchen, such as two dishwashers instead of one
  4. Steam ovens
  5. Furniture-look pieces
  6. Outdoor kitchens
  7. More counters or tall gathering tables instead of standard kitchen tables
  8. TVs and docking stations
  9. Wine refrigerators
  10. Greater concern for the user experience, from easy maintenance to accessible design to pet-friendly design

The study also indicated that shades of white would be the most popular color scheme for kitchens in 2015. In bathrooms, white would feature prominently, too, but with light grays for a little contrast. Again, they called it. We are seeing pretty much all of these predictions come true, and the results are beautiful: soul-soothing rooms with clean lines and an almost spa-like feel.

If you’re thinking about remodeling a kitchen, this year’s design trends actually hold a lot of promise for staying power. There’s nothing too wild and crazy in the mix. It’s just a crisp, calm look that isn’t likely to go out of style any time soon. What better time to take the leap?