More than Just a Piece of Wood

75 years is a long time. In 75 years, we have seen a world war, a housing boom, social change for equality, a man on the moon…and unmanned machines on Mars. We have watched trends begin, end and start again. We have watched our city grow rapidly yet keep the charm that we all know surrounds Madison.
Lumber for Housing Brunsell LumberDespite all this change around us, one thing has remained at our core – lumber. Brunsell Lumber and Millwork became the Madison area’s building material supply company through simple craftsmanship and attention to the basics of customer service. Plus, we believe lumber is more than just a piece of wood. It is the foundation.

Lumber is about piece-of-mind. This is your roof, your floor, your walls and your doors. When the tree comes down and the wood cut, the lumber that will someday become the frame of your home or building must meet certain basic standards. We make sure the lumber in our yard goes beyond those basic standards. We look for the potential defects any piece of wood might have as well as if those defects will harm the durability of the lumber. What preservatives have been used in any treated lumber? How will that affect the life of that wood? Will that lumber for that deck stand the test of time and the elements?

You might think, “We get it…you care…but, you’re just talking about a piece of wood!” We don’t agree. Our hope is to give our customers and contractors quality lumber that offers sustainability and beauty, especially if we are working on a custom millwork project for you.  If we are creating your custom cabinets for your kitchen or bathrooms or you choose from any of the name brand quality lines in our showroom, you can be sure we have taken great pains to ensure the quality of the lumber used in that product.

There’s a reason we have been the Madison area’s #1 choice for lumber and millwork since 1938. We have changed and grown with the times, expanding to Hartland and Mount Horeb and we know the future involves “Green” sustainability. But, despite changes, Brunsell Lumber and Millwork  stands behind the original commitment: Even the best products are only as good as the service behind them.

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