Define Your Outdoor Space With a Pergola/Arbor

As the fireflies start to light up the backyard like Christmas lights, being outside this time of year is amazing! All the smells that bring back so many summertime memories, fresh cut grass, a distant campfire gathering, or the calming aroma of lilacs. Soaking up every minute outdoors can be even more enjoyable with a space dedicated to backyard lounging.

PergolaA pergola is an arbor-like structure that will define a space without constriction. There are no walls or roof so you’ll still get plenty of light and be able to watch the barefoot kids race around the yard. Pergolas are commonly used to cover walkways or as grape arbors. If you add a climbing plant, shade and color will take your pergola to the next level.

Typically they are made to stand independently. This will give you the freedom to put it close to the house or maybe a bit further away closer to the garden. We recommend using cedar as it will resist decay. You can let it gray naturally or stain it. With countless sizes and do-it-yourself designs out there this project will really get you dreaming.

A pergola can add so much character to your yard at the same time it will draw everyone together at social gatherings. Summer only lasts a few short months so turn off the electronics and escape to the backyard. We can help you begin the design process if you’re not quite sure what style would work best for your home.

Try not to get lost in all those outdoor memories once you’re sitting in your newly constructed pergola. That first kiss or holding hands with your sun kissed sweetheart while the cool night air whispered through the trees.