Wisconsin Welcomes You

Wisconsin_Welcome_SignsThey are as iconic for Wisconsin as the Packers, cheese, and beer. Thousands of visitors and residents stop to take a photo next to them when they are driving into the state and they are posted all over social media giving Wisconsin, and Brunsell some great exposure. Although, you probably didn’t know that Brunsell created the “Wisconsin Welcomes You” signs.

Iconic Wisconsin Signs

Wisconsin_Welcome_SignThere are 23 of these 10-feet-tall by 11-feet-wide wood signs that welcome people to our great state. The three log frame features three of the best things we have in the state: “Recreation”, “Industry”, and “Agriculture”. Many are placed specifically at Wisconsin State Travel Centers where tourists can get specific information on all the Wisconsin attractions to be enjoyed. One of the most photographed and visited signs is the one just past the border with Illinois along I-94 right before you hit Pleasant Prairie/Kenosha. If you want to visit the sign, check out the map below and make your way to it. There’s a “Welcome to Wisconsin” sign as you enter from Rockford as well just at the Beloit Travel Center. Let your friends who might be coming to visit know about it and they can grab a photo!

Occasionally, we need to do some work on the signs. They are wood and after many years, some replacements need to be made. We love making sure the signs look great as visitors stream by them. We take great pride in being a part of this little piece of Wisconsin and now you know our connection to them!