Remodeling Projects for Spring and Summer

We are entering the time of year where all of us will walk outside again and re-introduce ourselves to our neighbors and enjoy some of the warmth that greets us with spring. It’s also a great time to do a few household remodeling projects you might have been putting off. We can help you with a few of those projects.

windowsEnergy Efficient Windows

You have gone through another winter and seen higher heating bills and still felt the drafts coming from outside. While winter 2016-2017 wasn’t as bad as previous years, we still got our fair share of cold and that’s not going to change much next year. As the weather warms, it’s a great time to start thinking about adding energy efficient windows to your home. We offer 6 different manufacturers products giving you great choices while you try to figure out what fits best for your home and your style. Energy Star-rated windows are estimated to save up to $500 a year in both heating AND cooling costs. Plus, energy efficient windows are shown to return 60%-90% of your investment!

Spending Time on Your DeckTrex-Composite-Decking

Speaking of 60%-90% return on investments, did you know prospective buyers of your home in the future could return that amount to you for what you spent adding a deck?  If you do not have a deck, consider a few things a deck will add: space, family time outdoors, entertaining space for friends, a place to relax and enjoy fresh air. Outdoor living spaces are growing in popularity and there is a lot of great new features that have been created with decks. Check out all the changes that will make your deck fantastic (it’s not just wood anymore) and learn more about the decking products we offer.

countertopNew Countertops Change the Kitchen

You might not have the time or cash to change your entire kitchen. Or, you might love your kitchen but just hate how it looks. One of the easier changes is the countertops. Switching out countertops and changing the backsplash can transform your entire kitchen in a weekend. The current trend is quartz countertops, but we do offer a wide variety of different surfaces from stone to solid. Here’s a primer on the differences between the countertops so you can decide what might be right for you.

Coming into our showroom and talking with an experience designer is your best bet to starting your spring and summer projects off right! See you soon!