Why Custom Cabinetry?

Before mass production of cabinets was possible, pretty much all cabinetry was custom-made—designed for a specific person, space, and function. Some of it was beautiful. Some of it merely got the job done. But all of it all was made by hand to satisfy the specific needs of the person buying it. The industrial revolution changed that.

These days, much of the cabinetry now produced en masse is beautiful, durable, and ultra-functional. But what comes off an assembly line will always be missing at least one thing: personal touch. The only way to get a personal touch into cabinetry is to have someone pour a little of themselves into the creation of it. That’s what we do.

Custom Cabinet Brunsell Madison

Personal Touch

Consider it an added perk that comes with getting the exact materials, colors, style, and fit that what YOU want. Perhaps the most important of these is fit, because off-the-line cabinets may literally not fit the spaces where you want them. The result is wasted square footage and, sometimes, odd room layouts. With custom cabinetry, the cabinets go exactly where and how you need them, and can be fixed to the wall or freestanding.

Speaking of wasted space, almost every home has an odd corner, recess, or closet where nothing quite fits. Logically, this is space you start eyeing when you have storage challenges. This is also where custom cabinetry is an excellent solution. It turns these odd spaces into functional ones that look as though they were designed with that very cabinetry in mind.

Custom Cabinet Brunsell Madison

Beautiful Cabinets

With mass-produced cabinetry, the emphasis is largely on the doors and pulls, because these are what people see first and most. With custom cabinetry, the beauty is more than a façade. It’s carried through to the inside of the cabinets, where you’ll find quality-markers like dovetail construction and superior soft-closed hinges and glides. And while you can certainly get solid-wood construction with mass-produced cabinetry, with custom cabinetry you can be assured that the same species of wood will be used throughout.

Quality and beauty are what happens when you have craftsman looking at your cabinetry with an artist’s eye throughout the entire production process. We consider our custom cabinetry an art, and as with all art, the details matter. We pour ourselves into this art using the finest materials and careful craftsmanship, so you get a piece that adds beauty, functionality, and some soul to your home.

Thinking about custom cabinetry? Here are some things we discuss with clients in the first stages:

  • Appliance specifications
  • Wood species and finish desired
  • Overall style desired
  • Special features to fit your wants and needs
  • Budget requirements

Customize for Every Room!

Remember, Brunsell can customize cabinetry for any room, and we offer the expert services of a specially trained design staff to help you visualize what you want. We even provide visualize software in-house so you can see how different cabinetry will look in your unique space. Contact us today to learn more.

The installation process can take anywhere from a few hours to multiple days depending on the quantity of cabinets involved and the complexity of the project. This portion of the project requires extreme accuracy. We install your cabinetry with the same skill and care that went in to making them. It’s the personal touch…it is part of all we do!

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